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Planning for the Unexpected
highlights | full version | pdf | learning toolkit
Supporting Successful Cooperation in Public-Private Partnerships
highlights | full version | pdf | learning toolkit
Managing for Collective Competence in Public-Private Partnerships
highlights | full version | pdf | learning toolkit
Accidental Project Managers Not a Myth in the Public Sector
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We invite you to read our short interesting articles describing the findings of project management research from around the world.

Click on the links at the left to read the article summary or the highlights.

Download the full article in PDF format to share with colleagues and clients.

There will also be a learning toolkit to accompany each article so that you can facilitate a 45-minute discussion during a professional development seminar, or in a classroom setting. Click on the tab "Learning Toolkits" to see all the Learning Toolkits or click on the link "learning toolkit" that will appear alongside each article when the learning toolkit is available.

Happy reading!


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10 Years of Productive Collaboration

The PMPerspectives research team is celebrating 10 years of very productive collaboration with a "meet-up" at Oxford!

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